What is 3D Printing

3d Printing is a relatively new technology that instead of cutting away material from a solid block or cylinder of material, actually builds up a shape from layering material and fusing of polymers.

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Printing Applications

There are a number of projects that lean to this technology. These would include, many custom or obsolete part example, vintage vehicles including automobiles or antiques

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Product Materials

3d Printers are capable of print wide range of plastic materials. As 3D Printing technology has advanced the variety of materials and methods have changed and will continue to progress.

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Welcome to GT Prototypes

GT Prototypes is always looking at new 3D printing processes and materials with an eye on how they can be integrated into everyday life. Everyone should be ability to make their ideas go from concept to product. With advancement will come lower cost and easier access to the average person.

This site includes a blog to update ongoing advancements in the 3D Printing community as well as a look at new Printers, Materials and Processes. Printer control software has become just as important as printing hardware and comments on what is available now and in the future will be followed. The links page is continually updated to allow anyone to find what is of interest for all applications.

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