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Ford 3D Printing Protective Masks

3D Printed Mask

Automobile giant Ford Motor Company has started to make the shift from not only building cars but to manufacturing protective face shields for the health industry. The demand created by the Corona Virus has put a demand on providing as many medical supplies as possible to help fight this disease. Ford is just one of the companies that has stepped up to contribute to the cause.

One of the biggest advantages a company like Ford has is its use of technology and the ability to mass produce. Their investment into 3D Printing has allowed them to do rapid prototyping for the design of new product for their cars. This technology is now what is helping them provide protective health products now.

This is the perfect application that 3D Printing can be used for. A design can be quickly developed and tested. Any changes to the original design can be updated and a final design agreed to. The proper material will also have to be determined. A plastic that is durable and flexible will have to be used. The head band will need to flex to form to the head of person wearing the shield. If the product is to rigid it will not closely seal to the head but also be uncomfortable to wear.

At this point it’s a matter of printing out the product and assembling the final product. If any adjustments need to be made in the future Ford can reload the 3D file and make the appropriate changes.

A company like Ford has very advanced and accurate 3D Printers at the ready. They also employ staff that know how to get the most from these machines. The video below gives you an idea of how 3D Printers are used and a look at the assembly of the final product.

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